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T Bar Light Stand

T Bar Light Stand

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T Bar light Stand is a Stand used by anyone looking to rent Party Lights.

What can we put on T Light Stands?

It is used to hang lights and can take up to 8 Parcans on each Bar. This means you can attach 4 parcans on each side of the bar or less. 

Anyone looking for lighting rentals in the UAE should consider this, as this helps you take your set up from a floor based set up to a higher Stand based set up.

The benefits of using T Stands:

These stands will allow you to illuminate a bigger area as compared to having your rented lights on the floor. You will also be able to choose the right angle and direction of the lights you set up in order to make sure you get the desired effect you are looking for while not disturbing the people attending your event.

These T Structures can be extended up to 3 Meters high. When renting these Stands from our team can answer your questions regarding how to best use them. We also offer the service of setting them up at your event location for you for free subject to the total invoice exceeding 500 AED.

These stands can be used at different events including wedding and corporate due to their delicate look, they blend into the design and are not bulky as compared to bigger structures. They are also a lot easier to set up compared to trussing.

The downside of T Bars is the fact that they cannot be used to carry heavier party lights including bigger moving heads and beams.

Looking to use blacklight for a glow in the dark party? Head over to our UV Light rental product or reach out to us, this T Stand can be used to attach UV Blacklight parcans for your glow in the dark event.



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