About Us

Soundtribe Entertainment LLC - is a DJ Equipment Rental Provider in Dubai, UAE. We offer Sound & Light for Small & Large events. 


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At Soundtribe we have been providing Sound & Light Equipment for more than 100+ clients over the span of 2 Years. 

Our clients range anywhere from DJs to Clubs, Weddings, And Corporate Presentations & Exhibition. We supply anywhere from specific pieces of equipment like DJ sets or Specific Microphones & Mixers to covering full Sound & Light for events with a capacity to handle up to 500 Guests. With the help of our long term partners we can go up to 10,000 Guest Capacity Events.

Why Soundtribe?

  • Affordable: It all began centered around the DJ, our mission was to help DJs initially by providing the necessary equipment to cover the small to medium events while being the most affordable option. As Soundtribe grew to accommodate larger events, we are staying true to our core, pricing more than 40% Below Market Rate. For this, we maintain a list prioritizing our long term clients and selectively acquire new clients.
  • Easy & Fast Process: Setting up your event shouldn't be a complicated 5 day process with back and fourth emails and approvals. With us it is as easy as a simple WhatsApp or Phone Call where we gather requirements on the spot and give you an instant quotation. We can also service last minute events given we have at least 1-2 hours time subject to our team and equipment being available. This service is limited to events not requiring site visit and complex trussing set ups.  
  • Wide Range of Equipment: From the latest CDJs to the Best and Most sought after sound systems on the market we can provide it. From CDJ 3000s, DJM A9 or V10 Mixers with Void Acoustics or Funktion One or RCF & LD Systems, we have you covered. Why limit your options? If you want something affordable we have a solution for you, if you want the best to blow away your guests, we also have a solution for this.
  • Clean & Updated Equipment: With Soundtribe you will Rent Clean and Updated Equipment, the last thing you want to worry about is having to clean the set up before using it at an event. Our Equipment is always cleaned and Sanitized before being dispatched to an event.


For More Information or Inquiries Contact us at:

+971 50 979 1223