Audio Visual Equipment Service Center in Dubai - Soundtribe has an in house service center dedicated to repairing and servicing any Audio Visual Equipment. With over 20 years of experience in electronics repairs, our team can service and repair almost anything related to Sound Systems, DJ Gear, Lights and Cameras.

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Examples of AV Equipment Repairs Done by Soundtribe in Dubai:

Pioneer CDJ Repair in Dubai: 

Below is a Pioneer CDJ 3000 that we repaired and service. Common issues are parts that have liquid damage as well as damage due to dust. We are familiar with repairs related to every aspect of DJ Equipment. 

We Repair USB Ports, we also Repair Cue Buttons and Faders. Any Faders can be serviced at Soundtribe from Tempo Faders to Volume Faders and knobs.


Pioneer XDJ Rx3 Repair in Dubai:

The below is a Pioneer RX3 that faced a liquid spill. It had problems starting up and shut down in the middle of the set due to liquid being spilled on it. We have successfully taken it apart, part by part. We then proceeded to clean everything and give it a full service. We replaced all the parts that were damaged from our vast stock of parts. This Pioneer controller was repaired and returned in less than 24 hours.


Pioneer XDJ-XZ Repair in Dubai:

The below is a successfully repaired Pioneer XDJ XZ that was also subject to liquid damage. The XZ due to the liquid being spilled mid event has issues with faders as well as playing tracks. The track selector also had problems jumping across tracks due to the liquid damage. This was repaired by Soundtribe in less than 24 hours and returned to perfect working condition.

Active Subwoofer Repair in Dubai: 

The Image below is from a repair done to restore an Active Subwoofer that stopped working. It was estimated that the subwoofer was damaged due to a power surge by a faulty generator used at an event.

The necessary parts were replaced and the subwoofer is in perfect working condition.


Active Speaker Repair in Dubai:

The below image is from a damaged speaker that we repaired. The speaker had loose tweeters that damaged the interior parts. Everything was cleaned up, a full service was done, damaged parts were replaced and the speaker is now in full working condition.


The Above are just a few examples of many repair jobs done by the Team at Soundtribe.

If you are looking to Repair your Equipment in Dubai please reach out to us on Phone & Whatsapp: +971 50 979 1223

We Repair Speakers, Line Arrays, Lights, Mixers, Controllers and Cameras.