Rent Void Acoustics for Biggest Yacht Events in Dubai - Soundtribe

Rent Void Acoustics for Biggest Yacht Events in Dubai - Soundtribe

Yacht Party in Dubai? Renting Speakers and DJ Equipment is quite common. From private events to Techno to Weddings and Corporate what is better that having an event on a yacht?

At Soundtribe we have been renting out equipment for hundreds of such events out at sea and have gathered a lot of experience managing such events.

Yachts in Dubai can accommodate anywhere between 5 Guests to around 500+ for the biggest house boats.

Dubai Yacht Event Requirements: 

For small events of around 5 guests, most organizers tend to use what is available on the yacht, that is a small Chinese or old used up speaker that the owner of the yacht adds to the Charter. For VIP Events however, DJs and artists have rigorous requirements, luckily, they came to the right place. At Soundtribe we set up the most complex Sound Systems and Light Shows on Yachts.

Rent Speakers for your Yacht Event in Dubai:

Rent your Professional Sound System at in Dubai Starting at 600 AED for a Pair of Speakers for Yacht Party. Reach out to us Today to start your event Journey.

For More Advanced Party Goers, the old speaker that is available on the yacht rotting away from the Salt Water while it is stored on a boat at sea all day does not work. These Event Organizers prefer to Rent Equipment, but this does not come without challenges.

To have a Successful Event Experience on a Yacht in Dubai Soundtribe Follows These Key Points:

  • Professional Sound & Light Equipment is always tested Before the Event
  • Client is aware of the Requirements and what the DJ needs
  • Van Stationed with Extra Cables and Equipment At the Harbor Throughout the Day
  • Ability to Shuttle Equipment to the Yacht even if it is out at Sea
  • Sound Check During Set up with the DJ/Artist
  • Sound & Light Engineer can stay on the yacht throughout the event
  • We know all the commonly rented yachts in Dubai, where they are parked, and their dimensions as well as the contact details of their crew for a smooth set up.

With This Being said, you can be sure to rely on us for the Sound and Light Needed for your Yacht event, or any event for that matter.

What Options are available to Rent from Soundtribe in Dubai?

In terms of Options there are many, it mainly depends on the capacity of the boat, the number of guests that are expected and the tech rider of the artist. 

For the smallest of events that have 5 to 40 guests, 2 speakers would do the job perfectly. These speakers can be 12" or 15" depending on the power needed and budget of the organizer. Subwoofers can be added as well. For those small events 1 or 2 15" subwoofer are enough.

For Bigger Events say 40-100 guests we Ideally recommend 4 Tops and 2 Subs. If the DJ is demanding, the host can rent 1 or 2 monitor speakers as well. For this there are many brands we work with with varying outputs to suit the budget, and need of the client as well as the dimensions of the boat.

For the Biggest and Best Events on Yachts we can set up something like Void Acoustics or Funktion One. These are usually requested by highly professional international DJs and are complex to transport and set up on the decks of yachts but guess what? We can do it, and we have done it multiple times before.

You can Rent Void Acoustics Stasys Xair from Soundtribe in Dubai as well as Rent the Void Acoustics Air Motion and Airten. This type of set up is reserved for the best and most exclusive events and afterparties.

At Soundtribe we try to make your dream event come true without breaking the bank, if you want to have the best experience with an international DJ on your Yacht you came to the right place!

Rent your Equipment Now from Contact us now!

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