Glow in the Dark Light Rental in Dubai

Glow in the Dark Light Rental in Dubai

Setting up a glow in the dark party is very easy. All you need to know is the number of guests and size of the area. In general most glow in the dark parties range from small 10 guests to 200 Guests events.

Here are the best props & Equipment for your glow in the dark event in Dubai:

1 - UV Blacklight Parcan Rental

For Glow Parties, the first thing you need is a UV Light for rent like the one below from Soundtribe:

At Soundtribe we offer the best equipment to fully set up your glow event in Dubai at the best rates. These events are some of the coolest and most affordable options as they do not need a light engineer on sight, set up is easy and fast. Glow in the Dark Birthday parties are trending in Dubai. 

2 - Glow in the Dark Face Paint & Nail Polish

Glow in Dark Face Paint on Girl

Glow in the Dark Paint is one of the coolest additions to your glow in the dark party. This reflective paint shines in neon colors when it is hit with UV Blacklight from the Parcans.

3 - Glow in the Dark Bracelets

Glow in the dark bracelets and accessories are also a great addition for such events. The more props you have the more you will feel the Glow Party come alive. Wearing dark colors that do not reflect will take away from the vibe.

4 - Neon Glow Signs 

Neon Sign "You are Flowers on the Road"

If budget is not a problem, custom neon signs are one of the most exotic additions to your glow in the dark event.

Such Signs can be custom made but need at least a weeks time to make sure that all is set right for your event. For more information on glow in the dark neon signs in Dubai by Soundtribe reach out to us via Whatsapp on the number below: +971 50 979 1223


For All your Glow Party Rentals & Needs Reach out to us on: +971 50 979 1223

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