Have you ever enjoyed playing music to your friends, casually mixing tracks or just enjoying the night with flashing lights and electrifying beats that set the club scene ablaze?

Then you might consider being a DJ as a career. Whether you consider yourself as an absolute pro or a newbie wanting to start, then this guide might help you begin. 

You might be thinking that the first step is to buy the most expensive mixer or have the latest speaker to begin your professional DJ career. That would be an option and yes, it does have its own advantages.  However, most of the highest quality of equipment would be high-priced, too complex or might not even meet your standards. That won't be the best financial decision for you to start with. 

So why not start renting your own set up? Here are a few more reasons why you should rent your DJ gear before you go all in and buy it.

 To Rent or Not-to-Rent?

  • Affordability & Variety - you can experiment with different types of equipment at the lowest cost instead of buying it all at once. Renting allows you to try basic to the most advanced setup. It gives you unlimited options to consider. Why practice with one when you have the option to try many? Instead of spending hours searching for the best model or the latest equipment, a rental equipment service would cater to your needs and offer the best match for your specifications and budget as well. 

  • Maintenance & Convenience - when you rent, there’s no need for you to worry about maintaining your equipment. Rental equipment services would ensure that they will be providing you all the equipment in mint condition. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about carrying all the heavy equipment. They would have it delivered anywhere at any time you want with ease and hassle-free. 

  •  Latest Equipment & Tech Support - rental services will always have the latest DJ equipment available, which gives you the chance to upgrade your set up without purchasing expensive equipment that eventually becomes out-of-date from time to time. Lastly, if ever there would be a problem with the equipment, rental equipment services would be readily available to assist you. 

  • It may be overwhelming to pick which ones are the right equipment for you, but through excellent rental services, it will always come with ease. Soundtribe specializes in providing all the equipment you need for the best and affordable prices. From the latest model of mixers to a range of extravagant stage lights, best sound systems, and all the equipment necessary to ensure the success of your event. 

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