4 Non-Nightclub Places for DJs to Earn Money in Dubai

4 Non-Nightclub Places for DJs to Earn Money in Dubai

The competition among DJs is fierce in Dubai. From full time DJs to beginner DJs, to part real estate agent part DJ, we have seen it all. At Soundtribe we are likely the number one in terms of DJ Equipment in Dubai. In this article we will dive into where DJs make money in Dubai.

Apart from the Obvious, which is nightclub and bars, there are many areas in which a DJ can focus on and generate a big revenue stream.

1- Partner with a Yacht Rental Agency

Yacht events is a big thing here in Dubai. On any given day you see hundreds of yachts at sea from private yachts to dhow cruises. These yachts often pack some basic sound system and some even have a few lights and DJ controllers. 

These yachts often run by tourism agencies might need a DJ for some events. With the smallest events we have seen DJs make 500AED for a few hours all the way up to 30,000-50,000 AED for the more advanced DJs and bigger yachts. For this, look for agents that specialize in luxury bookings, if you are a professional DJ with a track record as high paying clients are always expecting the most advanced DJs.

It is important to check with the yacht agent for information about the guests and type of music they are listening to as miscommunication will have everyone playing a different style, which will annoy the most advanced DJs and make the gig look boring.

If you need speakers to rent for a boat party soundtribe.me has you covered with the best rates in Dubai. We can also help you arrange a yacht rental in Dubai for Events at special rates with Equipment.

2 - Partner with Corporate Event Planners

Corporations frequently run marketing campaigns and need Audio Visual Equipment for their company event. This ranges from Professional Speakers to wireless microphones for presentations as well as big LED Screens. Wether it is an outdoor event or an Indoor event, at Soundtribe we have the gear and expertise to deliver a great event production. 

These corporate events are an easy way for DJs to make money in Dubai. They run events at least twice a year and often have the same DJs coming over to their events as they do not have time to look for DJs, since they are a business and focus on other things.

If you lock in a gig with a corporate event in Dubai, you are likely to be their go to DJ for years to come. Their marketing teams are also likely to recommend you to other marketing teams and their own employees sometimes. 

A lot of DJs focus mainly on finding a residency at a club, but did you know that corporate events often pay more than clubs and are easier gigs to perform at.

If you are looking for gigs in Dubai reach out to our team, we try our best to help fellow DJs whenever we are asked for DJs. 

3 - Luxury Birthday Planners

In Dubai, we see a lot of clients that book luxury birthday planners to set up special decor and a special theme. Now you may be wondering, who spends money on a birthday planner?

The answer for this is easy, the people that are likely to spend big bucks on DJs.

Working with luxury birthday planners is a little bit like the story of the corporate event planners, once you lock in gigs with them they are likely to come back to you if you receive good feedback. These planners do not want to spend their time looking for DJs, once you are in, you can expect a lot more gigs.

For this, you should reach out to event planners and propose your services, sell them the dream of the perfect event with your music and you will for sure land some gigs.

For equipment for birthday events, contact us. We have everything from Speakers to lights to 360 selfie booth rentals in Dubai.

4 - DJ Classes

The rise of DJs and the ease of someone to buy a controller and begin practicing means you will see a big rise of people that want to learn the latest tricks in DJing.

There are new controllers being released every few months with Equipment providers doing the marketing to attract DJs and future DJs to the industry.

All you have to do as an experienced DJ is to offer your services for DJ Classes.

This is a good one as we see DJ instructors being paid anything from 400-800 AED per hour. 

Try to create packages to get your clients to purchase more hours of courses with you and you have made yourself a stream of income. And guess what, one of your student succeeds? you will expect a lot more students to come your way.

If you are looking for DJ Equipment to practice in Dubai let us know, we have special discounts for you!

If you have made it this far, congratulations, you now have the knowledge to succeed as a DJ in Dubai or anywhere in the world outside of nightclubs.

If you need Equipment for Events to rent or help with anything event related feel free to reach out to us on our various channels or on the phone number below:

+971 50 979 1223

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