3 Mistakes DJ Make Renting Sound System for Boat Parties

3 Mistakes DJ Make Renting Sound System for Boat Parties

1 - Choosing a Professional Sound System Set up

These days the instinct of most Professional DJs is to look for CDJ2000nxs2, which although one of the greatest DJ Systems ever made, can be tricky on yacht parties. Thankfully there are many alternatives by Pioneer DJ Itself.

The problem with yacht parties is that many hosts do not book enough time in advance for the set up. Setting up an advanced sound system on a boat may require up to an hour or more depending on the type of event and set up.

A CDJ 2000 Nexus 2 or a CDJ 3000 both have many cables involved that have to be connected and many transport boxes to open. Although this seems like a basic task, doing this while guests are getting off of or boarding a boat is challenging. For suppliers that are used to dealing with a wide volume of events, and with experience doing fast set ups like Soundtribe this is managed by having the fastest and most efficient team work on such events.

However, there are always easier alternatives that even the most advanced DJs can go for, such as an all in one controller like the Pioneer XZ or Pioneer Rx3 or Opus Quad which you can hire from Soundtribe in Dubai.

In terms of Sound Systems, the easiest systems to work with in cases of boat parties are Active Speakers, as carrying around a separate amplifier will also need time to set up.

What we recommend for most events up to 50 guests on a yacht is to go for 2-4 Speakers & an All in One Controller.

2 - Focusing on the Wrong Metrics: The difference between Watts RMS vs Peak Watts

International DJs will always want to go for the biggest systems they can fit on a yacht party. For this a common misconception is the focus on Peak Watts.

We see DJs on a daily basis asking for speakers that have "2500 Watts" yet those are peak watts and hence the RMS which is in simple terms the average the speakers will operate at are far below. 

For Example a 2500 Watts Peak Speaker can have an RMS of 1,800 Watts, the DJ choosing this will actually end up with "weaker than expected" Speakers as compared to going for a 2,100 Watts RMS Sound System.

At Soundtribe we have all options and we can provide whatever Sound & Light system the event organizer needs. We always recommend our clients to focus on the aspects that matter to them. Did you know different speakers sound better based on the type of music being played? As an example for this: We recommend Funktion-One for EDM & Techno Events but other brands for RnB & Commercial Music.

3 - Selecting unreliable Sound System Suppliers

As mentioned previously, you need to find a supplier that not only is affordable, but also reliable and experienced with Yacht Events. 

You do not want a supplier that does not know where to park and how to find your location. This tends to happen with suppliers that handle very few such events. Delaying a 3 hour yacht party by 30 minutes for a setup is not something good for you as a DJ or Organizer, this is a common trend with many suppliers that are not experienced in Yacht Parties.

Finding someone you trust is very important, there are many suppliers that only care about renting the biggest CDJ Systems at the highest prices, but do you really need this system? Does the Big Funktion-One system actually work on the yacht you rented? Some yachts do not generate enough power to power such systems for hours at a time. Does the yacht you rented have enough Space to fit the professional UDG Z Table? We have the experience to answer all those questions.

We believe that our role is to give our clients the best possible equipment at the best rates on the market making sure the DJs and Guests maximize their benefit of the event while on an affordable budget. 

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