Event  Safety Measures Every Event Planner Should Be Aware Of

Event Safety Measures Every Event Planner Should Be Aware Of

Aside from Planning, Budgeting and Designing, there is always one aspect that you need to consider in an event which is Risk Management. No matter how grand the event is, how well everything is planned, there will always be unseen circumstances that may arise. An event planner needs to be always prepared and to overlook any small percentage of error that may occur. 

Ensuring the safety of attendees, staff, and participants is of utmost importance in event planning. Below are essential event safety factors that all event organizers should be familiar with:

  • Identify Potential Danger - You need to identify the potential risks or dangers that are associated with your events. Consider the location of the venue, weather conditions, Possessions of dangerous objects or substances, and other activities that can ruin the success of your event. Create a plan to reduce those risks. 

  • Staff Security -  Proper training among the staff and security weeks before the event. Establish strong safety guidelines to teach them not to panic and  handle situations smoothly. They also must be briefed according to their job descriptions as well as to be medically equipped incase of emergencies.

  • Crowd Management -  As for Crowd Management, It is harder to manage when you have a larger gathering of people in a venue. You need to plan how people will enter and exit the venue safely. You also need to consider proper spacing to avoid people getting crushed by the barriers. You also need to skout for people who need medical assistance amongst the dense crowd. Clear signages and pathways need to be secured for your guest’s convenience. If in case there would be a commotion your team needs to be on Stand-by to manage. 

  • Food & Beverage Safety- If your event involves food and beverages, ensure proper hygiene, food handling, and storage practices. To guarantee you and your guest’s safety make sure that the food and drinks are prepared in a clean environment to prevent foodborne illnesses.

  • Event and Production Equipment - Take into consideration each equipment brought to the venue. You have to check electrical installations to make sure it does not cause accidents or fire hazards. You also have to check the lights and sound fixtures, ensuring nothing is wobbly or may fall off unexpectedly. Double check every equipment you have to avoid any accidents. 

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